Heart-Centered Yoga Workshop
Saturday, February 13, 2021
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM


Join us for a half-day workshop in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Appropriate for all levels and abilities, we will explore:

              Heart-opening yoga postures



Combining these three powerful practices will help quiet the mind and allow greater access to the seat of our emotions…the heart chakra…Anahata.

Yoga will be primarily Yin-style done seated or in a reclined posture with blankets and pillows for comfort. The gentle, energy-shifting movement of Qigong can be done seated or standing. Meditation will be in a seated position on a cushion or in a chair or walking. And yes, there is even a meditation involving chocolate!

Cost is $30 in studio; $25 on line. STUDIO ENROLLMENT IS LIMITED TO 8 ATTENDEES. On-line seats unlimited. Cost includes use of studio mats, props, and all materials. If you have your own mat and props you are encouraged to bring them. Studio props are sanitized between use. Beverages and healthy snacks will be provided.

To register, email Payment is due with registration. In the event of inclement weather or other need for Luna Yoga to cancel or post-pone, registration fee will be refunded in full. If attendee needs to cancel, the registration fee will be held as a credit for future classes or workshops. If you have any questions, call Janice Olson at (860) 985-1883.


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Meet the Instructors

Janice Olson

Janice began her yoga journey in 2006 and became certified to teach in 2018. She believes yoga is transformational and healing in every aspects of our lives.  Yoga is not just about the physical practice; through breath work, meditation, body awareness, and community we are better able to access our true divine nature and we begin to see and acknowledge the divine light in one another.  

Leslie Fish-Morrill

Leslie has been blessed with an evolving yoga practice for several decades. She believes that yoga helps to improve physical flexibility & strength plus emotional balance and wellbeing. Heart centered practices offer healing awareness and gratitude so that we can connect with our divine selves and each other. She was certified by the Yoga institute of Houston in 1999.