Private Lessons


Why Private Lessons?


If you need a break from your routine, think about taking a private lesson creating a small group session for you and your friends.  Or perhaps you want to celebrate a special occasion with a private yoga party.  I will make your private session one to be remembered!


If you have been practicing yoga for some time and want to refine your practice, a private session is perfect for you.  During a one- or two-hour session, I provide detailed instructions for you to take your practice to the next level.


Perhaps you work or take care of your family during the day and our class schedule does not fit your life.  Private lessons are an affordable alternative; especially if you bring a friend or two with you.


Starting a yoga practice can be intimidating.  So many unfamiliar terms and poses…it can be overwhelming.  A private session can help you get comfortable with what to expect…the language of yoga, basic postures, what a typical class entails, what to wear, etc.  


Private lessons range from $15 – $25/hour depending on the type of service and number of attendees.

For more information or to schedule your private session, call or text me at (860) 985-1883.